Lightweight Manufacturing Named a Top Creative and Design Firm in Pennsylvania by Clutch

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Lightweight Manufacturing has been providing materials for tent companies since 2007. We pride ourselves in being able to manufacture high quality architectural fabric panels and provide accompanying engineering services. Our team is especially excited about the custom Keder products we are equipped to offer. Originally invented to connect sails to wooden masts on sailboats, Keder is used in many tents. We are able to design custom Keder rails and sell Renew Keder, as well as our own variety. As a result of our work, we have been selected for the 2019 Clutch Report as a leading creative and design company in the distribution companies category in Pennsylvania.

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Types of Industrial Fabric Welds

April National welding month with PTFE welder

April is National Welding month and we want to take this time to break down the types of coated fabric welding we offer, starting off with Radio Frequency (RF) Welding and Hot Air Welding. While at times both can be applied to the same application it does not mean that the methods are the same or that you are choosing the right one for your application. This makes it important to know the difference between the two welds so that you can make an informed decision on which is best for your next project.

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5 Step Overview for a Turnkey Re-skin

  1. We received a client request

Signature Structures, LLC requested our partnership for a  practice facility of a Philadelphia Football team facility that needed replacement of outer fabric and inner liner fabric for a steel frame supported tensioned fabric structure (measurements: 200 ft wide by 280 ft long, with 26 ft tall sidewalls and an arched roof). For logistical and scheduling reasons, the inner liner replacement was done first, and before the new liner was installed, new fiberglass insulation was placed in the cavity. The existing fabric system for both the liner and outer fabric was a large panel system, tensioned with pipes and pockets. The customer requested color stripes every 20 ft up and over the roof for the outer fabric.

Football facility re-skin install
Signature Structures, LLC install at football facility, Fabric: Serge Ferrari Flexlight Perform 702 S

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Serge Ferrari Success Story


Outdoor Oasis, Fabric: Flexlight™ Xtreme Tx30-III

One of the many parts of the $61.6 million dollar renovation and improvements to the water system on Penn State University's main campus in State College, Pennsylvania, included replacing a large water tower. The 140-foot tower, which supplies water to the campus's dorms and other buildings, is part of a system that uses over 550 million gallons per year. Construction of the new water tower on the northern section of campus, which began in 2015 and finished in the summer of 2017, includes the addition of a unique shade structure from Serge Ferrari.

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Serge Ferrari TX-30 topcoat

We are proud to announce the second anniversary of our new abraiding machine that is specially designed for and certified by Serge Ferrari for use on the TX-30 topcoat architectural fabrics!

TX-30 topcoats are top of the line finishes for architectural fabrics, using cross-linked PVDF.  Since the topcoat is not weldable, the abraiding machine is used to remove the topcoat in areas require overlap for welds. The abraided areas are covered by the overlapping fabric so the resulting fabric panel has the TX-30 topcoat over its entire surface.

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