Double Coated Keder

Double Coated Keder Diagram
Diagram of double coated keder

The double-coated keder is manufactured by wrapping 24oz PVC coated fabric around an extruded core and then adding a layer of traditional keder fabric on top of it, but without covering the flag. There are many benefits to this, including:

Advantages for Permanent and 
Semi-Permanent Structures:

Advantages for
Rental Structures:

1. UV-Resistance: keder cloth is less UV-resistant than typical architectural fabric since there is no coating to protect the fibers. Since Double Coated Keder has regular fabric underneath the keder cloth, UV degradation of the kedercloth does not impact the longevity of the fabric structure.

2. Coated flag: the flag has a regular architectural coating, white opaque, and any accessories can be welded directly to the flag. The most common accessory to benefit is a beam flap, which can now be narrower for a crisper finish of the fabric structure.

1. Resistance against wear where regular keder wears first. Where the keder slides against the edge of the keder track, there is a double layer of fabric, which greatly increases the resistance of the keder against wear. This will make the panels last longer.

2. Coated flag: the flag has a regular architectural coating. It is easy to clean, and any accessories can be welded directly to the flag. Additionally, if the keder would be damaged, it can be cut off and new keder can be welded directly to the flag.

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