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Keder Rail Extrusions

About keder extrusions

Keder Rail Extrusions (also known as keder rails or extrusions) are aluminum extrusions designed to allow keder and rope edges to slide into them, acting as a connection, securingĀ fabric panelsĀ in a way that is safe and efficient. What’s more, extrusionsĀ can be added to almost any existing frame without any alterations or modifications.

In addition, we stock rails in 6061 T6 aluminum alloy, with a mill finish. Furthermore, powder coating and other finishing options are also available. Review ourĀ keder rail catalogĀ below to see what keder rail extrusions we are currently offering.

We offer a wide range of keder rail extrusions because not every project has the same solutions.

UV Protection

keder rail extrusions


keder rail extrusions


keder rail extrusions


Permenant tensile/tent structure

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