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SeamanĀ© fabrics have several distinct advantages making them a popular fabric for architectural and industrial applications. Seaman CorporationĀ© manufactures PVC-coated polyester fabrics in the USA. Due to domestic manufacturing, leadtimes to Lightweight’s warehouse are generally shorter than for overseas manufacturers. SeamanĀ© also provides a number of their fabric styles in a version that meets the Berry Amendment (10 U.S. Code 2533a – domestically sourced fabrics).

Seaman provides both weft-inserted (warp-knitted) and woven fabrics, which each have distinct advantages and different behaviors when tensioned in both warp and fill directions. Thus, woven fabric exhibits a stronger crimp interaction, the property of fabric to shrink in one direction (or tighten when kept in place) while it tensions in the other direction.

Industrial applications of Seaman Fabrics

SeamanĀ© publishes in-house produced bi-axial testing for most of their architectural fabric.

The popular architectural fabrics utilize various topcoats to protect the PVC surface and enhance the self-cleaning and UV-protective properties. This includes acrylic topcoats, PVDF (KynarĀ©), acrylic/PVDF blend and PVF (TedlarĀ©) applied as a laminated film. For the PVC coating itself, a number of coating options are available.

Whereas, for industrial use, SeamanĀ© provides XR3 and XR5 fabrics which use different compounds to improve the properties of the standard PVC-coated polyester fabrics. Specifically, these fabrics have applications in potable water, chemically exposed panels, higher temperature requirements, geotextile, biogas, and other specialty applications.

The architectural fabrics reside under the Shelter-RiteĀ® brand name.

Aircraft shelter covered in white fabric
Aircraft Shelter, Fabric: Seaman 8028 Fabric

This 28oz fabric is a type II fabric, used for larger tensile, air-supported, and frame-supported structures. It is weft inserted.

Military Application Install, Fabric: Seaman 8424 Fabric
USAF BEAR Dome Install, Fabric: Seaman 8424 Fabric
Fabric: Seaman 3820
Varies topcoats available, Fabric: Seaman 3820

This is a woven fabric with various topcoats available. Used for frame supported structures in moderate exposure situations.

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