Fluoropolymer Fabrics

Fabrics designed for maximum durability.

Fluoropolymers possess outstanding properties for creating highly durable architectural fabrics and coatings with results that last.Ā  For example, PTFE/glass fabrics are a common form of fluoropolymer fabric used in the tensile fabric industry due to its exceptional durability.

Fluoropolymer Fabrics or PTFE/glass fabrics combine the highest available strength with unmatched longevity and superior fire resistance properties. Woven glass yarns give it enormous integral strength due to their flexibility and high strength. Additionally, the glass yarn scrim is also non-combustible as required by the ASTM-E136 standard.

The PTFE (poly-tetra-fluoro-ethylene) coating combines superiorĀ longevity and resistance to UV with non-stick properties and excellentĀ fire and high-temperature resistance. Specifically, this increases the limit in smokeĀ development in the fabric.

Welding PTFE/glass fabric along with a hot bar, combine temperature and pressure. What’s more, an FEP tape has high-strength over-lapping welds acting as welding tape

Consequently, the design, manufacturing, and installation of Fluoropolymers or PTFE/glass tensile fabric projects are more demanding and less forgiving than using PVC-coated polyester fabrics. However, the combination of strength, cleanliness,Ā longevity, and fire retardancy is unmatched when comparing it to other fabric types. Famous structures usingĀ PTFE/glass fabric are the Denver Airport main terminal roof and the O2 Arena in London, UK.

O2 Arena constructed with mostly Fluoropolymer Fabrics
O2 Arena (Formally: Millennium Dome) in London, UK. Built using PTFE/glass fabric.

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