What is Kedermaker?

KedermakerUSA is the exclusive distributor in the USA for the Kedermaker branded products that manufactures in Haining, China.

Why choose Kedermaker?

First of all, consider the creating of a combination of unique welding equipment that creates a bond between the keder cloth and the core, all around the kedercord, Kedermaker is a cut above other distributors of keder.

Next, the fully bonded keder retains the function of the Keder under conditions where the cloth is partially ripped. In fact, after cutting a portion of keder cloth off, testing at each production lot of Kedermaker is always done, for tensile resistance. Furthermore, the combination of the RF welded flat keder weld and fully bonded weld around the core is unique.

Moreover, review our Kedermaker Catalog for our sizes, styles, and colors.


Whereas, Kedermaker products are more cost-effective when comparing other keder products, the quality is not any worse. On the contrary, due to the unique bonding properties, the quality is higher when comparing to regular 1000 denier keders that are available on the market.

Kedermaker test


Please contact us to find out if there is a distributor in your area for smaller quantities or faster shipping.

keder weaves | plain vs. panama
Available in both style weaves

Additionally, this catalog contains all keder branded products we offer, for more defined catalogs on Eurokeder or Kedermaker brands please see the Eurokeder catalog or Kedermaker USA Catalog.

Therefore, when placing a keder order or request, please reference the keder style number.

Keder rope (also called keder cord, awning rope, and sail rope) is a flexible round PVC extrusion allowing you to make your own rope edge built into a fabric panel.

We sell keder cord by the roll in 7mm, 10mm, and 12mm diameter. Consequently, when ordering, be aware that the fabric adds approximately 1mm to the overall diameter.

Other sizes may occasionally become available, please contact us for additional sizes. 

Finally, check out our Literature section for a standard list of our keder inventory and other products we offer, including keder extrusionssewing, and single and double flag keder.