Kedermaker is one of the largest manufacturers of keder worldwide. The Kedermaker products are available in North America through a distribution agreement with Lightweight Manufacturing.
Keder roofsheet | TFS install with keder extrusions

What makes us unique?

Kedermaker has the perfect combination of competitive pricing and high quality. This is because Kedermaker is RF (radio frequency) welded to create a very consistent product.  Kedermaker developed a proprietary technology to make the RF welding process more efficient.

Fully bonded: Kedermaker products are made with unique welding equipment that creates a bond between the keder cloth and the core all the way around the kedercord.

Keder | fabric adhesion test sample for Kedermaker

This bond will retain the function of the keder under conditions where the cloth is partially ripped. The picture shows the integrity of the keder product after a portion has been cut away. Try this with the keder you currently use! Each production lot of Kedermaker is tested for tensile resistance after a portion of the keder cloth has been cut away

Keder Styles

  • Colors include white translucent, white opaque, and silvergrey opaque.
  • 7mm diameter
  • 8mm diameter
  • 11mm diameter
  • 13mm diameter.
  • Both plain and panama woven keder cloth.
  • Both single and double flag keders

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Keder slides in track | kederrail


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