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Join the team, read below for more information regarding your career with Lightweight Manufacturing Careers and about what to expect from the job and the company. Undeniably, we are always seeking talented indivduals in manufacturing, engineering, and drafting. Thus, never hesitate to reach out to us for more information, we are more than happy to help you begin your journey with us at Lightweight Manufacturing!

Being a part of the team

First, we have super-friendly working environments, competitive wages, benefits, opportunities for growth, highly specialized training, and overtime opportunities. Equally important, these benefits apply to both Shop Workers in Lightweight Manufacturing and Designers/Engineers in Lightweight Design!

Passion and determination

To add, we believe that passion and determination are the fuel that drives our company forward. Furthermore, Lightweight believes in having a positive, realistic, and optimistic attitude that will also inspire you to stay at our company. Without reservation, we ensure our employees fit into the fabric of our company.

Teamwork helps make dreams work

Additionally, we are a diverse team of individuals with strong values who find purpose in their work and support one another. Equally important, is our teamwork, able to achieve every individual and company goals.

No fearing change, we embrace it

Finally, no work day is the same, every project is different! Undeniably, with the world changing around us, we welcome individuals who challenge themselves to adapt to a constantly changing industry. 

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Upload your resume to the department you are applying to (Lightweight Manufacturing or Lightweight Design) below and fill out the required information.

Lightweight is proudly partnered with ESTA an organization that envisions a safer, stronger entertainment industry through connection, education, and empowerment. Where there is architectural and engineering business production, ESTA is behind it.