STFE 50 Roof Cover

Serge Ferrari Flexlight STFE 50

Serge Ferrari Flexlight STFE 50 is a new and exciting fabric style.  It combines high levels of translucency and transparency with a higher strength and elasticity and longer lifespan than other alternatives.
STFE 50 is a fluoropolymer film, therefore it has a long expected lifespan.  It also has excellent self-cleaning capabilities under rain,  high visibility, and has UV light transmission in frequencies that encourage plant growth (which makes it excellent for greenhouses). The resulting fabric has partial see-through capabilities as shown on the picture below.
The reinforcement yarns provide a high level of tensile strength and a high modulus of elasticity.
The strength of STFE 50 is comparable to a type II architectural fabric such as Flexlight 902. The modulus is higher than PVC coated polyesters, and below glass fiber reinforced PTFE fabrics such as Verseidag and Sheerfill.
Typical applications are in structures which are open and have a roof to protect against rain, but need to allow more than 50% of natural light to come through.  STFE 50 is excellent for structures which use traditional tensile architecture details with catenary cables and long spans.

STFE is an excellent alternative for glass in applications where the weight of the structure supporting glass is important (STFE will reduce that weight significantly).  Another popular application is for facades.
STFE 50 does not require a mechanical system to ensure the structural stability under wind and snow loads since it does not require inflatable cushions for stability.

STFE 50 Roof Cover
Roof Cover STFE 50

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