Serge Ferrari Fabrics

Over 50 years of developing innovative composite fabrics.

Act now to build a better tomorrow” is the motto of Serge Ferrari an industry leader paving the way to innovations in the world of industrial fabrics.

Serge Ferrai prides itself on extensive research and development to create innovations such as producing lighter materials that strain the environment less, alternatives to PVC materials, creating products with increased fire resistance, products that provide maximum protection from the sun and the nature such as the elements and much more. Because of this,Ā Serge Ferrari’s products are used in a variety of markets, including construction, international stadiums, home terraces, biogas production, and aquaculture.Ā 

In 1973, Serge Ferrari founded the company and invented PrƩcontraint, an innovative patented material. It combines high resistance and durability with light weight, thus offering a unique weight/performance ratio.

Since then, the company has continued becoming a technological leader in flexible composite membranes. Today, the company firmly orients toward the international market and the development of products. Equally important, contributing to producing attractive, durable, lightweight, responsible, and competitive solutions.

Serge-Ferrari products

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Serge-Ferrari official website

For more information on the Serge Ferrari group and their products visit their official website.

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