Welded Keder Product Resists Premature Wear

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April 1st, 2009 / By: IFAIĀ /Ā Tools & Equipment

Keder is often the first part of a clearspan panel that needs repair. Eurokeder, a 2200 DTEX, RF (radio frequency) welded keder product from Lightweight Manufacturing Inc. resists premature wear as compared to 1100 DTEX. The fibers in 2200 DTEX are twice as heavy and therefore thicker than 1100 DTEX fibers and have better wear resistance because of their increased size. RF welding used for manufacturing Eurokeder keeps the keder straight and avoids irregular weld puckering on the inside of the keder flag. This contributes to the quality and efficiency of clearspan panels.

For more information, visit our Eurokeder page.

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