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Keder used by clearspan manufacturers in Europe.

Eurokeder is a keder manufacturer from Europe that specializes in creating unique keder products using RF welding. Eurokeder keder ranges from 7mm to 13mm in diameters and includes the innovative sewing keder style. Offering a variety of styles in their products such as single and double flag keder styles, various colors and the double coated keder option. Review the catalog below for our sizes, styles, and colors. When placing an order or request please reference the keder style number

Eurokeder catalog

Keder rope (also called keder cord, awning rope, and sail rope) is a flexible round PVC extrusion designed to allow you to make your rope edge built into a fabric panel.

We sell keder cord by the roll in 7mm, 10mm, and 12mm diameter. Therefore, when ordering, be aware that the fabric will add approximately 1mm to the overall diameter.

Other sizes may occasionally become available, please contact us for additional sizes.

Check out our Literature section for a standard list of our inventory and other products we offer, including keder extrusions, sewing, and single and double flag keder.

The Science of Eurokeder


Eurokeder keder is around 2200 Dtex (2000 Denier) compared to 1100 Dtex that most other keder products are in the market. As a result, the higher density means more durability, higher strength, and better sliding compared to the other competitors.


Standard Eurokeder keder is RF welded. Radio frequency (or HF High Frequency) is precise in its welding finish. Accuracy and consistency of the distance between the core and the edge of the fabric is crucial to create tighter clearspan panels providing better wind resistance. A precise welding finish improves efficiency in fabrication.

Weave Options

Plain weave: the use of the denser yarn uses plain weave, which results in a tighter bond in the weave. Often times, the plain weave is less susceptible to fraying compared to the panama weave which is commonly used to create higher strengths and yarn counts with 1100 Dtex (1000 Denier) keder.

Coating Options

Unique products that distinguish themselves from other products in the market with quality and styles including double-coated keder, sewing keder and various colors.

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