Engineering & Design

Engineering & Design Services

Lightweight Manufacturing has structural engineers and design professionals on staff and can assist with specialized structural engineering and design services for tensioned fabric structures.

We offer certification for new and existing fabric structures, along with engineering drawings and sealed calculations to local building code standards.

We provide a design of new rental tents and fabric structures, as well as modification of existing designs.

Engineering drawings | tensioned fabric structures
Engineering rendering for tensioned fabric structures


Many fabric structures are designed as standardized, modular systems. Both for rental projects and permanent structures, there is a need to certify a standard structure for use in a particular project with its own load requirement. This can be done with drawings or with a combination of calculations and drawings, depending on the regulatory requirements. Certifications for submittal are sealed by a Professional Engineer (PE) certified in the jurisdiction where the project is located.

Fabric stress analysis
Fabric Stress Analysis

We provide engineering reviews and certifications for all different types of fabric structures and rental tents with a PE seal in any US State. This includes reviews of clearspan tents, tensile tents, and frame tents.

An engineering package will normally include drawings defining the structure, load assumptions and reactions on the anchoring. It also includes sufficient detail for the calculations so that another structural engineer, or a building inspector, can recreate (portions of) the calculations to verify their validity.

Engineering rendering for custom clearspan fabric structure
Engineering rendering for custom clearspan fabric structure

Lightweight Design provides complete engineering for permanent fabric structures.  This includes tensile structures and frame supported structures.

We are always happy to help you find the best solution for your project.

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