TENARA Fabric Canopy Interior View, It allows light to come through
TENARA Fabric Canopies are beautiful, durable, and allow superior light transmission.

A Unique and Durable Architectural Fabric

TENARA by SEFAR is a high end architectural fabric made with PTFE yarns coated with clear fluropolymer which creates a highly durable and flexible membrane.  It resists stains and mold,  UV rays do not damage it, and it stands up to challenging outdoor environments.  
It has exceptionally high translucency, and it captures and diffuses light beautifully, which creates a unique appearance and creates opportunities to enhance your structure’s appearance with dynamic lighting.  Its special properties enable you to create unique, sculptural designs not achievable with other fabrics.
The materials that make up TENARA fabric make it long-lasting and uniquely durable.  This fabric does not yellow or degrade from exposure to the elements and UV rays, and you can fold it repeatedly without losing strength or its coating failing.  This makes it ideal for retractable canopies and allows for easy storage.
TENARA threads are sold seperately for use in sewing for outdoor applications.  The longevity and resilient properties of this thread makes it a better alternative for outdoor use than traditional polyester thread.  
TENARA Fabric allows natural light through easily and creates beautiful lighting effects.
Canopy, Fabric TENARA 4T40HF
Interior view of canopy made with TENARA architectural fabric.