Lightweight Becomes a part of ESTA

Lightweight Manufacturing is proud to announce being a part of the ESTA community! The ESTA is a non-profit trade organization for entertainment technology industries. ESTA’s members are responsible for creating some of the most important programs in several industries including the Technical Standards Program, Entertainment Technician Certification Program, and Rental Guard. ESTA supports: increasing safety through the development of standards and certifications; educating members and providing business resources to increase profitability; representing the interests of the industry to government, regulatory bodies, and related industries; and raising the bar for ethical and professional behavior.

The ESTA also holds many programs and initiatives to architectual and business industries. These range from business and marketing resources such as a job board and a system designed to locate stolen equipment and proven capable of preventing theft and fraud to equipement. But the most important parts of ESTA are their key initiatives and programs with programs designed to ensure that standard and morals are established to provide a safer and more efficient workflow in the industries. An example is their atmospheric fog testing which monitors atmospheric effects being used correctly and responsibly within their accepted limits.

For more information on ESTA’s vision and the programs they offer, there is a link to their webpage below

ESTA website

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