PTFE/glass fabrics combine the highest available strength with unmatched longevity and superior fire properties. The strength is derived from the woven glass yarns, which are chosen to combine flexibility with high strength. The glass yarn scrim is non-combustible as required by the ASTM-E136 standard.

The PTFE (poly-tetra-fluoro-ethylene) coating combines superior longevity and resistance to UV with non-stick properties and excellent fire behavior with high-temperature resistance and limited smoke development.

PTFE/glass fabric is welded with a hot bar, combining temperature and pressure. An FEP tape is used as welding tape to allow high strength overlap welds.

The design, manufacturing, and installation of PTFE/glass tensile fabric projects are more demanding and less forgiving than using PVC coated polyester fabrics. However, the combination of strength, cleanliness, longevity and fire retardancy is unmatched. Famous structures using PTFE/glass fabric are the Denver Airport main terminal roof and the Millennium Dome in London, UK (now renamed O2 Arena).

O2 Arena in London, England
O2 Arena (Formally know as Millennium Dome) in London, UK. Built using  PTFE/glass fabric.

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