Custom Fabric Panel Manufacturing

Custom Industrial Fabric Paneling

Lightweight Manufacturing prides itself on its premiere Custom Industrial Fabric Paneling, made with tensile & architectural attributes that vary from coated fabrics to advanced laminates, and films. The result is the ultimate custom industrial fabric panel.

We produce panels with the following materials: PVC-coated polyester, PE, PVC film, clear fluoropolymer/glass, ETFE, PTFE/glass, and Tenara fabric.

Custom Industrial Fabric Paneling
We carry a variety of different fabrics to create the right custom industrial fabric panel for you

Industrial Fabric Panels are usually created through methods that consist of fabric slitting and computer cutting on our Eastman Eagle C3 cutter. Welding technologies include RF welding, hot air, hot wedge, hot bar, and others. We are always happy to help you find the best solution for your project.

custom industrial manufacturing fabric with Eastmen Eagle C3 Cutter
Eastmen Eagle C3 Fabric Cutter