SHEERFILL by Saint-Gobain

Project Feature: JFK Airport TWA Walkway
Covered Walkway Using Sheerfill by Saint Gobain


TWA Walkway using Sheerfill Fabric by Saint-Gobain
The TWA terminal at JFK Airport is an iconic design.  The concrete shell construction was designed by Eero Saarinen, and was erected between 1959 and 1962.  It was used for many years before being closed down in 2002.   It was recently converted into a hotel using the original style from the fifties. 
This walkway is made with arches in precast concrete, in the same style as the terminal design. Engineering for the Tensile Fabric was completed by Wayne Rendely. 
The walkway is made from Sheerfill by Saint-Gobain PTFE/glass fabric panels manufactured by Lightweight Manufacutring.  The panels were tensioned between the concrete arches using embedded steel members and tensioning hardware.
Sheerfill Architectural Membrane is a high-performance architectural fabric used most often in permanent tensioned membrane structures. It is used in a variety of fields including transportation, retail, and other applications.  It can be used for large or small structures.
Sheerfill Architectural Membrane fabrics are available in a variety of strengths and levels of translucency.  
Sheerfill Fabric
Aerial view of TWA Covered Walkway at JFK Airport.
Sheerfill Fabric
Cover for TWA Walkway using Sheerfill Fabric