Serge Ferrari TX-30 topcoat

We are proud to announce the second anniversary of our new abraiding machine that is specially designed for and certified by Serge Ferrari for use on the TX-30 topcoat architectural fabrics!

TX-30 topcoats are top of the line finishes for architectural fabrics, using cross-linked PVDF. Since the topcoat is not weldable, the abraiding machine is used to remove the topcoat in areas require overlap for welds. The abraided areas are covered by the overlapping fabric so the resulting fabric panel has the TX-30 topcoat over its entire surface.

The TX-30 is available in 5 different fabric weight/strength combinations, ranging from type I through type V. The topcoat enhances the self-cleaning properties of the fabrics, extends the useful life of the fabric and keeps the fabric project looking better.

More than 20 projects have been produced in the last 2 years using the TX-30 topcoat fabrics.

The 25-year pro-rated warranty for TX-30 panels made with Ferrari certified equipment, trained personnel, and professional engineering for the project is the longest warranty available in the industry.

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