KedermakerUSA is the exclusive distributor in the United States for the Kedermaker branded products that manufactures in Haining, China. Kedermaker uses unique welding equipment that creates a unique bond between the cloth and the core, all around the kedercord. They are responsible for creating quality and durable keder products such as Renew Keder.

The fully bonded keder retains the function of the Keder under conditions where the cloth is partially ripped. In fact, after cutting a portion of keder cloth off, testing at each production lot of Kedermaker is always done for tensile resistance.Ā 

The combination of the RF welded flat keder weld and fully bonded weld around the core is unique, making Kedermaker a cut above the other distributors of keder. You can also review ourĀ Kedermaker catalogĀ for our sizes, styles, and colors.

Kedermaker catalog


Although, Kedermaker products are more cost-effective when comparing other keder products in the industry, the quality is not by any means worse. On the contrary, due to the unique bonding properties mentioned, the quality is significantly higher when comparing it to regular 1000 denier keders that are available on the market.

Renew Keder

Click below to learn about Kedermaker’s innovative product Renew Keder the future in repairing keder for tents and much more.

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