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Introducing Renew Keder.

The FUTURE of keder repairs.

Renew Keder is a unique solution, replacing damaged keder on clearspan tent panels without needing RF welding. By using a very wide double flag, other repair keder methods hurt the appearance of structures. Conventional repairs also requires complicated RF welding of a double flag keder to the panel. However, Renew Keder uses keder, already RF weldedĀ to a strip of white opaqueĀ PVC fabric, leaving a 25mm width. The 25mm /1-inch fabric strip welds to the existing panel with more accessible equipment such as a wedge or hot air welder, a floor welderĀ or even by hand. The result is the newer fabric looks identical to the surrounding fabric, making the repair nearly invisible. The inside of the original fabric offers better weldability due to not being exposed by UV rays from the sun.

Renew Keder repair process.

Repair keder process

Reference the image for the process of how renew keder extends the life of your keder panels.

Having the fabric panel, the older damaged keder is removed with clean cuts across the fabric panel. In this example, the old fabric is cut out with a pair of scissors.

Using a variety of welding methods or with Radiofrequency welder (RF), the newer keder is aligned to the original fabric panel and then welded onto the panel.

Adding the renewed keder to the frontside, this side shows a 1-inch wide white opaque strip of fabric extending just past the original fabric.

The backside (faces outside) of the fabric panel and Renew Keder after the welding is complete. The result is a product that has provided an unnoticable repair in the fabric panel.

The purpose of Renew Keder is to replace keder which has a total of 40mm keder fabric. Between the keder ball and the edge of the keder flag, adding a new keder to the panel restores the original panel. Contact us if your existing keder edges have different dimensions.

NOTE: the 1-inch strip of renew keder allows the placing of the keder on either the inside of the fabric (rough side) or on the outside (smooth side).

Premier quality at a lower price.

Our production process allows our high-quality repair keder at a better price; comparatively, than the price at a conventional repair shop. Renew Keder is cheaper than most traditional repair keders. We currently stock Renew Keder in 8mm, 11mm, and 13mm white opaque.Ā 

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