PVC Mesh Fabrics

The most common use for architectural PVC mesh is for shading and solar protection.  Since the yarns are the same as in solid architectural fabrics, the same tensile structures can be accomplished with the benefit of lower wind effects.

Architectural PVC meshes are also popular to create facade panels and wall panels.  The transparency is a great benefit for wall applications.  The specific mesh is selected in function of wind load resistance and expected deflection as a function of prestressing and dimensioning.

Shade Structure Using Ferrari shade
Past Project, Fabric: Ferrari Soltis Proof W96
Serge Ferrari FT-371
Past Project, Fabric: Ferrari Frontside Print 371
Past Project, Fabric: Ferrari Soltis Proof W96

Architectural meshes combine the benefits of energy-saving by limiting solar heat gain, retaining transparency and creating an interesting architectural aesthetic.

A special type of mesh fabric, with micro-perforations, is used as an acoustical liner.  Serge Ferrari’s Alphalia Silent (formerly Batyline Aw) is the most popular.

Please note that the Ferrari product names recently changed. Please contact us or Serge Ferrari for any clarifications what the new name is for an existing product that you have used before.

PVC Mesh Fabric we Offer Include:

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