Fabric Choices for Industrial Panels

Industrial Fabric Panels

Lightweight Manufacturing Inc. will create panels with any industrial fabric. Therefore, the most commonly used fabrics are:

PVC-Coated Polyester Fabric: A tenacity polyester scrim coats both sides with a PVC compound providing weather resistance, smooth surface, and color, and protects the polyester yarns against UV degradation. Additionally, The higher-quality architectural fabrics have a topcoat protecting the PVC coating and improving the cleanliness of the surface. An alternative style is PVC mesh.

Tensile Application, Fabric: Serge Ferrari Precontraint 502

Polyethylene fabric: high-density PE tapes are woven and coated with low-density PE providing a weathertight surface. As a result, the composition provides stellar flame and UV resistance.

Large PE panels on steel frame
Large Panels on Steel Frame, Fabric: Intertape 4mil PE fabric

Solution-dyed woven fabric: woven solution-dyed yarns provide a range of breathable, soft-handed fabrics with options for fire-rated and weathertight coatings, preserving the “canvas” look and feel.

Temporary Enclosure, Fabric: Weathermax
Temporary Enclosure, Fabric: Weathermax

ePTFE – Tenara fabric: made from woven Tenara yarns. High resistance against repeated folding and high translucency.

PTFE welder

Without reservation, Lightweight is happy to assist in recommendations of fabrics based on your project needs. Check out our Literature section for a standard list of complete PDF list of our fabric specifications and other products we offer, including keder extrusionssewing, single and double flag keder.

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