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Tensile textile solutions that work.

For over 15 years, Lightweight Manufacturing has been at the forefront of the industry. In addition, being seasoned in the industry as an unparalleled expert at solving engineering and manufacturing challenges that arise in the worlds of architecture and textiles. Undeniably, this motivates us to create innovative products and solutions that are second to none.
Architectural quality fabric at your service.

Undoubtedly, Lightweight offers the highest quality fabric panels made with industrial, architectural coated fabrics, advanced laminates, and films requiring heat sealing.

Precise choices for all of your products.

In addition, we dedicate ourselves to providing our clients with innovative, custom, products. Therefore, we offer assistance with fabric selection for projects and free samples to anyone located in the US and Canada.

Leader in keder solutions.

If you’re a manufacturer looking for a wholesale supplier or a rental company needing keder for repairs or alterations, we can help! For example, we distribute a variety of keder products such as sewing, single flag, double flag keder, and keder rails.

Engineering and design services.

Without a doubt, Lightweight specializes in structural engineering and design services for tensioned fabric structures. For instance, we provide services such as certification for fabric structures, engineering drafts and sealed calculations to building code standards.

Lightweight Manufacturing: uncompromising credibility, authenticity and trust.

Undeniably, Lightweight Manufacturing was founded to provide the best service to the fabric structures and tent rental industries with the manufacturingĀ ofĀ architectural fabric panels and related engineering services.

Typically, Lightweight works in a subcontractor role, keeping your project confidential and protecting your brand name by not marketing our services using your project without permission.

Therefore, our website provides limited references to the broad range of projects supported. Do not hesitate to contact us with information about your project for consultation.

High quality fabric products

Shop for our latest innovative fabric solutions including keder, extrusions and repair fabrics

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