Verseidag Duraskin PTFE-Glass Fabrics

Verseidag Duraskin PTFE-Glass Fabric

High-quality german engineered fabric.

Lightweight offers Verseidag Duraskin PTFE-glass fabrics in various strength/weight combinations for solid fabrics, and additionally in various mesh configurations with different openness factors and strengths.

For industrial fabric applications, Duraskin PTFE-Glass Fabrics are abrasion-resistant, low-friction, and chemical-resistant. Also, Verseidag fabrics are temperature-resistant. These industrial fabrics meet FDA standards and the USDA acknowledges it.

Due to all of the benefits, PTFE fabrics find use in special industrial applications such as in the food sector.

Duraskin PTFE-Glass Fabrics
Verseidag PTFE Fabric, notice the texture and opaqueness, helping contribute to its powerful temperature resistant surfaces. Providing superb UV resistance.

Duraskin Fabrics we offer:

Visit the Literature page for a complete list of detailed and informative PDF documents of industrial fabrics from various brands including Verseidag, other products, and services Lightweight Manufacturing offers.Ā Ā 

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