Tensile Structure Panels

Tensile Structure Panels

FromĀ engineering and designĀ toĀ fabric selectionĀ throughĀ manufacturing the final product, Lightweight Manufacturing offers all the tools and experience necessary to partner with awning companies or contractors in creating the tensile structure panels for any kind of application you need.

tensile entrance canopy Ferrari 1002
Tensile Entrance Canopy, Fabric: Ferrari 1002


Tensile structures give an exciting new look to a customer’s establishment and a highly effective way to utilize outdoor space during the summer.

Customers get years of low cost, low-maintenance repairs out of their canopies. To explain, the permanence of these structures eliminates the need for deconstruction for repairs. Depending on the fabric selected, your warranty period can be as long as 25 years.

Tensile structures combine pleasing aesthetics with structural efficiency, using lightweight materials in tension. Shade structures produce shade by using mesh materials. Tensile structures are versatile in many applications. 

Event spaces, grandstand covers, stage covers, and public places utilize large spans. Meanwhile, outdoor restaurants, rooftop bars, and private areas in residential and pool areas all have the potential to utilize smaller tensile structures. Many of these spaces require protection from the sun and weather protection while maintaining an outdoor atmosphere.

Tensile Reskin, Fabric: Ferrari 1202
Tensile reskin utilizing Ferrari 1202 fabric
Reskin of tensile structure, Fabric: Ferrari 1202
Tensile Shade Ferrari Precontraint
Shade Structure, Fabric: Ferrari Precontraint

Tensioned fabric facades and structures can create a skin on buildings that provides specific climatic, energy efficient, and visual benefits. They successfully remodel existing structures. New building projects can capitalize on these benefits even more.

Lightweight Manufacturing provides fabric panels for tensile, shade, and facade projects, and can also provide theĀ engineering and designĀ services associated if desired. Lightweight accomplishes this through a specialized turnkey contractor for a variety of projects. Comparatively, awning companies, shade specialists, and landscapers deliver our services for smaller projects.

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