Lightweight Design

Lightweight Design

The designĀ process.

Lightweight Design is the engineering/drafting division in Lightweight Manufacturing.Ā The engineers specializeĀ in standardized tensioned fabric structures.Ā Specifcally, for rental and permanent structures; whereĀ the load requirements of these structures need certification.

AĀ Professional Engineer (PE) certified in the jurisdiction where the project is located is responsible for sealing the certifications.Ā 

However, Lightweight conducts engineering reviews and provides certifications for all types of tensioned fabric structures and rental tents. With a PE seal in any US State; meaning, clearspan tents, tensile tents, and frame tents are included.

Our engineering package.

Our engineering package includes drafts and engineer drawings defining the structure, load assumptions, and reactions on the anchoring.Ā Therefore, providing details that other structural engineers or building inspectors are able to recreate portions of, streamlining the further.

In addition, Lightweight Design provides the entire work pipeline process for permanent fabric structures, tensile structures, and frame-supported structures, streamlining the process even further.

(NOTE: Lightweight Manufacturing acts as a subcontractor andĀ does notĀ provide installation of projects for any tensile or tent structures.)

These renders were provided by our talented engineers and drafters as they run different fabric stress analyses through various simulations of different structural forms.

Illustrated, are cone, cantilever, and barrel structures rendered to ensure the fabric integrity will hold accounting for several variables such as weather and tension.

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