Manufacturing Services for Rental Companies

Industrial Fabric Replacement Options

Lightweight fabric replacement options include:

  • Manufacturing clearspan roof panels, gables, and sidewalls, as well as industrial fabric replacement panels for peak tops, domes, tensioned tents, and high peaks.
  • We design and make fabric panels for unique rental applications such as stages, custom design structures, and shade walkways.
  • Assisting with shop drawings, engineering, and fabric choice. We make rental fabrics that fit existing frames, with the exact finish details that you want.
  • Offering graphics on rental fabric using different methods tailored to the exact requirements.
Clearspan White Fabric Tent Structure

Rental Tents

Rental Tents are divided into 3 groups of standardized products:
  1. Tensile tents use poles and guy straps, combined with the use of the double-curved fabric as a structural member.
  2. Frame tents use a light frame as structural support and rely on guy straps for structural stability.
  3. Clearspan tents use largerĀ aluminum keder extrusionsĀ as a self-supporting frame, without the need for guy straps.
While all these styles of tents can be fully engineered for code-based loads, the clearspan tents are most typically designed to meet the building code since the lack of guy straps lowers the anchoring requirements, making it easier to meet building code. Custom designing a variety of special designs in both small and larger rental tents. Because of this, these unique designs may not fall within the 3 categories above. New rental tent styles are gaining traction: Airbeam-supported rental tents and stretch tents. air-inflated fabric tubes acting as structural beams that support air beam tents. Initially developed for the military, they take advantage of faster installation times when building larger camps. When heavily loaded in winds, they do not easily deform or damage. Anchoring them properly, allows the tents to reform to their correct original shape. Stretch tents use a special type of fabric that has very high elasticity, granting the poles the ability of relocating depending on the exact requirements of the rental application. Capable of recreating a Bedouin tent or using them to create flexible transitions between standard rental tents.
Schenley Plaza, Fabric: Verseidag Type III (3) Beige

Our Role

Lightweight Manufacturing supports the tent rental industry with the manufacturing of fabric panels for clearspan tents and for custom designed rental tents. Through Lightweight Design, we also provide engineering services, including certification of existing rental tents, project-specific or generic, and design of new rental tents.

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