Tensile Structures

Tensile Structure
Tensile Structure, Fabric: Tenara 4T40HF

What are Tensile Structures

At Lightweight Manufacturing and Design we specialize in Tensile Structures. These are also known as Tent Structures, Tensile Architecture, or Tensioned Membrane Structures.  From engineering and design, to fabric selection, all the way through manufacturing the final product, Lightweight Manufacturing offers all the tools and experience necessary to partner with awning companies or contractors for your project.

Advantages of Tensile Architecture

Tent Structures use lightweight fabric and building materials in tension to create unique and efficient structures. They have a variety of benefits and uses, and are ideal for both temporary and permanent applications.

Shorter Building Times

Tensile structures are ideal for creating durable and uniquely designed buildings without extended construction times.  Much of the structural components can be manufactured off-site, meaning there is less interruption time on-site.  This makes them easier and quicker to construct than more traditional buildings.

Less Material

Tensile structures require less material and can cover large spans.  This makes them a more sustainable and cost-effective option than traditional buildings.

Light Effects

The translucency options  available in the wide variety of architectural and industrial fabric choices allow for natural light and light control effects without extra equipment. 

Easy Repair and Adaptability

Tensile Structures are easy to maintain, repair, and adapt for changing conditions and new materials.  


Tensile Structures can be used for a variety of different applications. They can be used to cover large spans of space or small areas. Some larger examples include event spaces, sports complexes, performance venues, and even military structures. Smaller examples include outdoor restaurants, rooftop bars, sunshades, and awnings. They are ideal for any place where an outdoor atmosphere is desired but shade and weather protection is required.


Tensile structures are designed for durability, and once installed they last years. They can withstand extreme environments because of their quality of design and materials. Tensile structures are designed for all the loads required by the local building code.  If required, our experts will provide reactions on foundations or attachment structures so that your local engineer can design these for the same loads per the building code.  They never have to be taken down, meaning your customer will get years of low-maintenance use out of their new canopy.  On occasions when maintenance or repair is needed, we offer products to help maximize your building’s lifespan such as Renew Keder and fabric replacement. 

Tensile Structure Reskin, Fabric: Ferrari 1202
Tensile Structure Reskin,
Tensile Structure Reskin, Fabric: Ferrari 1202
Tensile Structure - canopy
Tensile Entrance Canopy, Fabric: Ferrari 1002

We have what you need for your next project.

We want you to use the highest quality materials to create your Tensile Structures.  This is why we offer Keder, Keder Railsfabric panel manufacturing, and industrial fabric options, such as PVC coated fabricsmesh fabricspolyethylene fabrics, and PTFE glass.  

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