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When placing a Eurokeder order or request please reference the keder style number.

The following types of Eurokeder are currently in our inventory:

Keder rope (also called keder cord, awning rope, and sail rope) is a flexible round PVC extrusion designed to allow you to make your own rope edge built into a fabric panel.

We sell keder cord by the roll in 7mm, 10mm, and 12mm diameter. When ordering, be aware that the fabric will add approximately 1mm to the overall diameter.

Other sizes may occasionally become available, please contact us for additional sizes.

Check out our Literature section for a standard list of our Eurokeder inventory and other products we offer, including keder extrusions, sewing, single and double flag keder.

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Check out our keder rail catalog for extrusions we have available or our Kedermaker Catalog for other keder products we offer. To get more information or free samples of our product, please fill in the form, email us, or reach out to one of our experts at (610)435-4720

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