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At Lightweight Manufacturing and Lightweight Design, we focus on ensuring that our employees fit into the fabric of our company by focusing on developing and investing in them as individuals.


Passion and determination are the fuel that drives us and our company forward. We believe in having a positive, realistic, and optimistic attitude because we understand that it is easily contagious and will also inspire those around us. Knowing that your team members are working toward the same dream and vision and every day you can see the impact that everyone has on that vision and dream is exciting.


We are building a strong and diverse team of individuals who want to find purpose in their work and want to support other team members in the process. We understand that family is important and encourage that we work hard during our normal business hours so that when we go home we know we did our best. As a result, we know that our employees are able to do their best work and spend time with the ones they love without distractions of work.


With technology changing sometimes so will the way we do things but have trust in us that we will train and prepare you with the knowledge you need. Know that we are changing because it benefits us, as well as the clients' needs. As long as you embrace change and have an open mind you can help us stay ahead of the competition. We don't want team members to be afraid of making mistakes, we view it as learning experiences. If you're afraid to make mistakes then you may be afraid to try and we want to encourage our employees to try before saying they "can't" do something.

Our Team

Our team is built on honesty, enthusiasm, and passion. We are dedicated to making beautiful tensile projects for clients. We provide a super friendly working environment, competitive wages & benefits, opportunities for promotion from within, excellent training and professional development, and overtime options for shop workers. Shop workers are considered fabric craftsman after proper training. They are expected to work on different fabric welders, and every project is different. If you want to do the exact same thing every day, we are not the place for you. If you take pride in seeing the end result of your work, in pictures being posted of beautifully crafted tensile projects, then apply here. Designers are trained in the design process and software but also in understanding the manufacturing and installation process so they can design tensioned fabric panels that can be made and installed efficiently.

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