Verseidag Duraskin® Fabric

Verseidag manufactures advanced technical fabrics with a variety of coating/substrate combinations. As a result, we use the Versidag PVC coated fabrics, sold under the Duraskin® brand name, for clearspan rental applications and permanent applications, the frame supported and tensile fabrics are also available. Verseidag also manufactures PTFE/glass fabric.

Compared to the other PVC coated architectural fabrics in the industry, Verseidag PVC coated fabrics distinguish themselves with excellent quality and lower stretch in the fill direction. Clearspan tent rental fabrics are available in opaque and translucent options.

Photo of White Duraskin PVC coated fabric
Crown Plaza, Fabric: Verseidag Type III (3) White Translucent

Duraskin B1673 is the heavy-duty white opaque fabric with an acrylic topcoat. The weight is 850 g/m2 (25oz/yd2).

Duraskin B1015 is the heavy-duty white translucent fabric with an acrylic
topcoat. The weight is 650 g/m2 (19oz/yd2), while the Duraskin B1017 is the same specification of fabric, but is offered in different colors.

Frame supported and tensile fabrics are available in Type I through Type V in white translucent and colors. They are available with weldable PVDF/acrylic blends and with pure PVDF topcoats.

Tan Duraskin tent, install complete
Schenley Plaza, Fabric: Verseidag Type III (3)
variety of mesh pvc fabric from Verseidag
Verseidag PVC mesh fabric











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