Lightweight Manufacturing distributes Kedermaker,  Eurokeder & keder rails to the industrial fabric industry.

Whether you are an original manufacturer looking for a new wholesale supplier or a rental company needing single rolls of keder for repairs or alterations, we can work with you.

The main advantages of keder are the continuous connection it allows between the fabric and the frame as well as the ability to slide easily. This allows for a faster and safer install as well as better load distribution compared with other methods.

Lightweight Manufacturing offers keder repairs on existing rental fabric panels, or will sell repair keder for use at a rental maintenance facility.

To request a sample to see if our keder will work for you, please fill out the form below, email sales@lightweightmanufacturing.com, or call (610) 435-4720

Please note that Lightweight Manufacturing will never share your information with any third party or send you unsolicited emails.